What is a Co-op?

A cooperative preschool is a parent-run preschool, in which the school’s member-families offer classroom support, in addition to taking on a family job that contributes toward the school’s day-to-day operations.

The classes and curriculum are planned and led by a paid teacher, who is assisted by family teachers in the classroom each day.

Because the member families are responsible for running the school, they get a say in both the school’s classroom and business decisions, which range from things like planning field trips and enrichment activities, to fundraising opportunities and how to spend surplus money.

Some of the benefits of joining a cooperative preschool include a higher adult-to-child ratio, parenting and teaching education opportunities, and active involvement in your child’s first classroom experiences.

At Brooklyn Preschool, our classroom program is run by Teacher Merry, who leads our daily classes with the assistance of three family teachers. Our members work together with our teacher to support both her and our community in a variety of other ways as well: by planning meetings and events, purchasing classroom supplies, keeping files and paperwork up-to-date, and much more.

Together we make it happen, and that is the true essence of a cooperative preschool.