Why do we fundraise? As a 501c3 nonprofit, fundraising is an essential part of our program at Brooklyn Preschool. It enables us to meet our yearly budget while keeping tuition low for our members.

Our successful fundraising efforts earn surplus money for the school, which we use to create enrichment programs, purchase special classroom supplies, take extra field trips, and much more. As a parent-run organization, our members get to decide how to reinvest our surplus money in the community.

Fundraising requirements

Fundraising is vital to Brooklyn’s operating budget and is a mandatory part of membership. We offer different fundraising options to support each family in a fundraising plan that works for them.

Members who do not meet their obligation must pay the balance at the end of the school year. Members can also choose to pay their fundraising obligation out-of-pocket, rather than using our organized fundraisers to earn the money.

We offer several different types of fundraisers throughout the school year, to help our members meet their fundraising obligation through means that work for their particular family.

Learn more about fundraising opportunities at Brooklyn.