Cooperative Connections for the 2020-21 School Year

Brooklyn Preschool is aiming to operate with a robust enrichment program this year to meet the needs of health and safety in the climate of coronavirus. The “Cooperative Connections” program for the 2020/21 school year offers a phased program with progression from no-contact individualized student/teacher connections to peer-to-peer social connections to site-based small group outdoor activities and school days. Check out the presentation of our 2020-2021 program here!

Phased programming

We are providing teacher engagement, social connections and community experience through a host of parent participation options. The school year starts with no-contact outdoor home visits with your teacher, materials delivered to your home, virtual circle time and recorded circle times to access at your will. Families will be paired and grouped with other families with similar risk level values to build peer connections and play time.

Over time, activities are expected to transition to shared small group outdoor experiences on our school grounds and ideally allow for site-based school days with a typical parent teacher participation schedule. Movement between phases relies on various factors of state health mandates, regulations, local health, and member community health.


Our operating budget allows for two levels of tuition for all families this year: real cost of monthly operations at $198/month or a subsidized flexible tuition at $155/month that draws on our reserves.  We also offer scholarships at a 10-40% reduction in tuition through our financial aid process.


We are proud to offer a family-friendly and pandemic-safe option for preschool this year that emphasizes community connection and supports the mission of Brooklyn Cooperative Preschool for future members. This program begins with a member orientation meeting on September 22. Student engagement starts October 5.

Let us know if you’d like to join our community or request more information by emailing

Check out the presentation of our 2020-2021 program here!